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Dementia Third Greatest Killer in the UK Study Shows

A Guardian article has revealed that a survey carried out by Alzheimer's Research UK show that...

Big Lottery funding awarded to scale up Young Mums' Project in 2015

Big Lottery funding awarded to grow the Young Mums' Project for March 2015 in the London boroughs...

Isabella Goldie featured on BBC 1's Operation: Meet the Street

This week sees BBC 1's James Martin host a five-part series called Operation: Meet the Street,...


NHS Choices

Social care reforms announced

Most of the UK media is covering the announcement made in Parliament by Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of...

Antidepressant use in menopause linked to broken bones

"Taking antidepressants like Prozac to counter mood changes in menopause 'raises risk of...

Women with history of stillbirth at 'high risk of another'

“Women who suffer stillbirths are four times more likely to suffer the tragedy again,†the...

10 Top tips

1.         Communicate with others;
Keep in touch with family and friends.


2.         Talk about your feelings; Talking about your feelings can help you stay in a good  mood and deal with times when you are feel stressed. Talking about your feelings is not a sign of weakness but about taking charge of your health and wellbeing.

3.         Be active: experts know that regular exercise helps you to stay fit, boosts self-esteem and confidence, promotes sleep and helps you to look better.  Recommended exercise for adults is about 30 minutes of activity five days a week. This can be anything from walking to doing the housework.

4.        Ask for help: we all need help at different points in our lives. You may be able to get help from family, friends or colleagues. There is  various support groups and agencies such as Citizens Advice Bureau (telephone 0844 848 7970) or The Samaritans (telephone 01484 533388) who provide a listening ear and objective advice.  For more information on support groups near you visit the Kirklees Council website.

5.         Eat well: there are links between what we eat and how we feel. It is important to have a balanced diet.  Visit  Eatwell4life in Kirklees where you will  find tips and easy ways to enjoy eating more healthily.

6.         Take a break: be kind to yourself and take regular breaks in your working day. Make sure you take time out to relax and just be in the moment. Everyone relaxes in different ways try yoga, meditation or mindfulness techniques or just put your feet up. If you are really tired give yourself time to go to sleep. Without good sleep, our mental health suffers and our concentration goes downhill. Sometimes the world can wait. Visit the Kirklees Council website for well being groups in your local area.

7.         Drink sensibly: we often drink to change our mood and sometimes because of being upset or lonely or other issues. Try to think of other positive activities you could do rather than drinking. If drinking is a problem for you, then seek help from your GP or from local services including Lifeline (01484 353333) or OnTRAK (Dewsbury: 01924 486170 or Huddersfield: 01484 437907).

8.         Do something you enjoy: think about the things you like to do and make some time to do this activity. Enjoying yourself helps beat stress. and doing an activity you enjoy will help to boost your self-esteem. Visit the Kirklees Council website for information on local sports and other activities.

9.         Accept who you are:

10.       Caring for others: by helping out a friend or a stranger, volunteering or helping out in your local community visit Gateway to Care for more information. This also includes caring for your friends and family.  By doing this you will help others and also help yourself to better health.